all levels welcome 


-Fire Eating
-Tongue transfers
-Vapor holds
-Partner work


-Stage Prescence

-A 3-4 min Performance Routine 

I am a 12 year fire and circus junky. I've been teaching circus arts workshops for 8 years. This FIRE EATING class will be open to all levels and beginners are encouraged to join in. I've had 100% success rate in this class and I'm confident you will walk away from my workshop with a new skill set to showcase. I'll teach you about fire safety and take my time to make sure you are comfortable. The curriculum for my class is unique and affective. So, if you've never played with fire before and you're interested in fire eating, this is the class for you. Usually this workshop takes about 4-5 hours so if you are an experienced fire eater please be prepared to go through the workshop as if you were a beginner --as I work up to the more difficult techniques. 

Bringing your own torches is not required but you are encouraged to bring your own if you have them. (learning on your own equipment is always a valuable advantage)


We will provide the option to purchase our signature Shannon Wolf specialty torches and fire blanket a few weeks before the event.

You WILL walk  away with a brand new and extremely impressive and marketable skill set. Not only a skill set but an IMPRESSIVE, RARE, MYSTERIOUS skill and performance routine.

I will accept no more than 15 students for this workshop. Slots are first come first serve. Get it while its HOT!

Please come prepared with your hair tied back, a relatively tight fitting short sleeve shirt or tank and plenty of water for drinking. Clothes worn should be made of ONLY natural fabrics. No synthetic fabrics allowed.

Finally, this is an extremely empowering class. So be ready to feel that fire energy! 




(15 Person Limit)


Melissa Baumann Norfolk, VA

"I've taken a number of workshops with Britainy and I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism, her talent, her ability as a coach and instructor. The sheer breadth of experience in the performing arts makes her an easy draw for classes and workshops, but it's her unique ability to tailor those workshops to varying levels of skill/experience/desire that makes Britainy truly unique. I've watched her make almost imperceptible adjustments for a class full of students that took a complicated transition or technique and put it within grasp. As her student, I've witnessed her absolute dedication to my experience as a whole. She has a way of infusing her instruction with a power that translates into belief. Belief becomes confidence. Confidence becomes a launchpad that sends her clients soaring. She makes everyone feel like they're the only person in the room, while never losing sight of the community that brings us all together and makes the experience that much more enriching. I can't tell you how incredible it feels to know someone so very talented is also amazingly accessible. She's one of my favorite people and my life was made brighter and warmer for having spent time in her light."

Kelsey Poitras (aerialist/instructor/performer  Virginia Beach, VA

"Brit is an inspiration as a performer and a person. She is always encouraging other's success and that's a rare characteristic to find these days. Everything she does comes out beautifully, whether it be aerial hoop, poi, fire, dance, acro, you name it and she'll create a mesmerizing show. She is so happy to do what she loves and you can see it in her work. Her teaching does not fall short either, she pushes everyone to challenge themselves which in turn makes them better and that's exactly what you want in a teacher. She has a huge heart and deserves all the success she's already created for herself and more. I'm lucky to know such a person!"

Mandy Taylor (aerialist/instructor/performer Chesapeake, VA

"With every performance, whether it is aerials, fire or any other kind of performance- you bring a special kind of light to the event. You just shine- and that light travels into everyone around you."

Krista Shanafelt  Virginia Beach, VA

"Her performances are so very natural and showcase her skills. Her movements and intentions for apparatus placement demonstrate her intimate familiarity with each one. She understands the physics of the movements, how movement will affect each item and the visual she wants to create. Her teaching ability is so effortless. She has a natural way of conveying how the body should move to create a desired effect. She is in tune to the emotions of her students and knows how to reassure them with praise and a caring joke with constructive advice. Her safety measures and instruction are comforting. As a burn survivor, taking her fire-eating workshop was extremely empowering to the point of reaching a spiritual freedom. Although a “cool picture” was an added bonus, facing my fears and conquering was exponentially more rewarding… and she did that!"

Dinah Myte  Virginia Beach, VA

"I have had the pleasure of watching Britainy Dibbs perform with the passion that you can see pouring directly from her soul as she engrains her dance training in every bit of her movement. Her dedication in perfecting her many talents is inspiring. I have also taken a fire eating workshop with her and she is the most patient, informative, and encouraging teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. She engrains safety in all that she teaches and encourages you to not let fear hold you back in anything that you choose to do. She rocks."