WHEN:              VIP Checkin is Thursday October 4 Checkout Wed Oct 10th

                          General Admission Checkin is 5-10

WHERE:           The WOLF DEN a secluded property outside of Chattanooga, TN

HOW MUCH:   Packages Range from $597-$1948 Payment Plans are Avail


R-Rebellious against Monotony. Let us give you some very creative tools to explore your inner child and to lead you to the path of complete confidence.

E- Earning self Worth through GROWTH. You will get to experience Growth by learning a series of very special skills and expressive exercises that will allow you to explore your range of emotions. You will have the opportunity to be curious, to experiment, reflect and react through pictures, sounds, movement, challenges, and encounters with our Rebel Coaches.

B- Believe that you CAN first. The first step to finding Ultimate Self Worth is to Believe in yourself. We will help you to attack life's daily challenges by reprogramming your connection to your emotions. Through a series of exercises that incorporate writing, crafting, theater, dance, movement, painting, construction and music we will prove to you that you CAN.

E- Expressing no need for approval. We will all participate in an eye opening set of experiments and drills to help you understand where most people's need for approval comes from and how to change your belief system to allow for expression without approval.

L- Loving without Expectation. By learning skills of expression we will help you down the path to truly Loving yourself and accepting your flaws as Valuable life lessons. We will also discuss expectations in friendships, relationships and how to know when to love more or let go.

W-Whimsical & curious
O-Open minded and non judgmental
L- Leaping, Lifting & Learning
F- Failure first & No Fucks.......................Don't worry, we will help you get there ;)