Lorelei Hopersberger you may not know this but you have been a huge part of my inspiration for this project. I was so lucky to have met you when I did. Shy, a bit terrified of performing, your light had been dimmed terribly by others. You were the first person that really helped me understand my true purpose in life. It wasn’t because I did all these things to help you blossom (I really didn’t do hardly anything) it was the actual joy of watching you blossom and the realization that I had so much more to give than simply a platform of expression.


You are so talented and just bursting with potential. You are intelligent and passionate about the things you believe in. You are weird and artsy and nerdy and aggressive with your opinions. You have given me personally so much joy in watching you grow that I knew that exact feeling was what I wanted every day of my life. Thank you for inspiring me in a way I didn’t understand. People say inspiration is everywhere, and it is, and it’s mostly short lived. For a person like me Long term inspiration is difficult. You gave me the most genuine, heartfelt and deepest inspiration of my entire life. Thank you for that. I love you!