-Seair Ahaa

Seair Aha is passionate performing artist and lifelong student of the stage. After participating in every theatrical production she possibly could, from kindergarten through high school, she went on to receive a bachelor's degree in Theater Arts from UNC-Wilmington. Since graduating, she has been producing experimental and alternative shows of her own and passionately studying transnational (popularly known as tribal fusion) belly dance and Bharathanatyam Indian classical dance. She makes up half of the fusion dance duo, Aha Musery, with teacher and friend, Damion Bond. She also is the director of Aha Moment Productions, a theatrical and electronic music project.

Her passion for spiritual philosophy, mythology, and the performing arts come together in her performances and in her teaching style. Her mission as a teacher is to share with others the process of exploring the following concepts herself: dance as a vehicle for gaining insight and deepening connection to the inner and external world. Gaining greater freedom in movement, both physically and creatively. Finding a focused intention, peaceful flow, full engagement, and consistent progress in daily practice. Exploring and uncovering the elements of performance that create the most fulfilling and uplifting experience for both the artist and the audience.