You do you Boo Boo


“Shelby was born and raised in Virginia Beach, graduated from First Colonial High School in 2005, and then from The University of Mary Washington in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a Pre-Med concentration. She has wanted to be a medical examiner ever since dissecting a frog as a high school freshman in biology class. She continues to pursue her career goals while working in a hospital pathology lab and performing freelance brain retrievals for research. Shelby participated all through high school in competitive public speaking, making her way to two national tournaments as a high school freshman. She competed in the “humorous interpretation” category, performing a 10 minute section of a play solo, without costumes or props. She also competed in Model UN and model congress, which got her to the Virgina State Championships in Debate in 2005. Shelby loves to read, mostly classical literature (Crime and Punishment is her favorite book). She also loves shopping, makeup, camping, hiking, kayaking, movies, Netflix binges, and napping. “

-Shelby Anderson